Thistlecroft Ltd used car sales

Thistlecroft Ltd

Quality car retailer of Wales, England, UK.

With a lifetime's experience in the luxury car market, company owner, Richard Stubbs, has worked consistently with the leading motoring brands; developing a true understanding of the value of top-end vehicles and forging a wealth of links within the industry.

For the past fifteen years Richard has been buying cars direct from the customer, saving them the stress of wrangling with dealerships and facing any 'hidden charges' associated with online motor traders. If you're looking to sell your luxury or executive vehicle, Thistlecroft Ltd will assess your car and offer you a fair price, completing the transaction quickly and easily.

This honest, personal approach has seen Thistlecroft Ltd build a strong client base, with many customers returning to Richard for the trustworthy, fair and professional service that his company provides.

Why Thistlecroft Ltd?

There are various ways to sell your car, either through classified advertising or approaching dealerships and online car traders - but these can lead to a complicated sale process, extra costs and, ultimately, wasted time. Thistlecroft Ltd differs through providing a direct service that allows you to sell your luxury car quickly and simply, for a realistic price:

  • We can often offer better prices than dealerships
  • We provide a slick, discreet and professional service
  • We build lasting relationships with our clients
  • We offer stress-free, fast transactions - direct payments via BACS
  • There are no 'extra charges' - we provide an up-front, straightforward way to sell your car

If you're looking to sell your luxury or executive vehicle quickly and without hassle, Thistlecroft Ltd offers the perfect solution; making the sale of your car fair and simple and allowing you to concentrate on making your next top-of-the-range purchase.